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Fact: Travel is the best medicine

by Aurora Brink

Travelling makes life happier and more interesting. In fact, scientists have recently proven its positive effect on human health.

The Global Commission on Aging (GCA) and the TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS) conducted a series of studies at the end of 2013, which proved that travel has incredible benefits to the body and soul.

Here are some highlights of the study – just in case you need scientific evidence to pack your bags:

  1. Women who vacation every six months or less have a significantly higher risk of developing a heart attack or a stroke compared with women who vacation at least twice a year.

  2. Men who do not take an annual vacation have a 20% higher risk of early death and 30% greater risk of death from heart disease.

  3. The benefits of travel are almost instant. Only within 2 days 89% of the participants in the study show significantly lower levels of stress.

The study, conducted among Americans, also found that 59% of them dream of travelling when they retire, and that family holidays are most important.