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40 ideas for fun things to do in the summer

by Vanessa White

Sometimes even the greatest genius will find it hard to think of fun things to do. It's summer, the weather is great, you
have free time and... no ideas! No problem, we are here to inspire you.

Here's our list of 40 ideas for fun things to do with your friends in the summer:

1. Send a message in a bottle (while listening to the all-time hit of The Police)

2. Light paper lanterns in a dark night.

3. Build a sand castle.

4. Organize a picnic with a special theme (like superheroes, red dots or homemade food only).

5. Go on a night picnic. Bring candles or small lanterns.

6. Stargaze.

7. Sleep under the stars, no tent – just tucked into your sleeping bag.

8. Play frisbee.

9. Make an open-air barbecue.

10. Spend time imagining what life would be like if you were born in Norway/Sri Lanka/Nauru.

11. Go chasing fireflies (and don't forget to release them back to nature).

12. Go cliff jumping.

13. Go diving at a new spot – where a shipwreck can be explored, for example.

14. Wake up early and see the sunrise (or, if you find it difficult to wake up early, just don't go to bed at all).

15. Go fishing.

16. Go swimming in a lake.

17. Bathe under a waterfall.

18. Go camping and think of special camping names for you and your friends.

19. Print your favorite summer photos and hang them on the wall.

20. Organize a fun competition – who can spit the watermelon seeds the furthest, for example.

21. Play hide and seek.

22. Pick berries.

23. Walk barefoot.

24. Jump in a pool with your clothes on.

25. Build a sand castle.

26. Nap under a tree.

27. Go hiking on a new route.

28. Try a new ice cream flavor.

29. Print some of your favorite photos and arrange them on the wall.

30. Find a high building or a beautiful point on the outskirts to watch your city from a bird eye's view.

31. Listen to your favorite summer song until your ears burn.

32. Find a new hobby. Ask your friends what they’ve been doing recently and get inspired.

33. Go to a summer festival.

34. Read a book about a place that you are going to.

35. Plunge into the sea (or a lake) by moonlight.

36. Try a new recipe or try a restaurant with exotic food.

37. Start taking/organize the notes about your travels. It could be in a notebook or by creating a travel blog.

38. Explore every street in your neighborhood. Find intriguing new shops/cafes/strange and funny buildings you haven't noticed

39. Cycle to a neighboring town.

40. Organize a movie evening in the backyard. Bring popcorn. And repelent