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It has been proven: Travel is the best medicine

by Aurora Brink

Travelling undoubtedly makes life more enjoyable and interesting, but now scientists have proven that it provides health benefits as well.

The Great Commission Alliance (GCA) and the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), conducted a number of researches in 2013 and, as a result, have proven that travelling provides amazing health benefits, for both mind and body.

Here are a few highlights from the research, in case you need scientific inspiration to pack your bags:

1. Women who go on vacation less than once every six months are exposed to a higher risk of a heart attack, compared to women who travel at least twice per year.
2. Men who do not use their yearly vacation days are 20% more likely to pass away earlier and 30% more likely to suffer death caused by cardiovascular diseases.
3. Travelling has almost instantaneous benefits. Only two days into their vacation, 89% of participants report a significant decrease in their stress levels.

The research, which used the American population as subjects, also found that 59% of people dream of travelling once they are retired. Family vacations are found to be most valuable for an overwhelming number of people.